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The Life Uni Programme.

The Life Uni course is for young people between the ages of 18-25 who are seeking to learn and practice life skills well. This unique part time course delivered over 8 weeks covers nutrition, conflict resolution, managing money, speaking and listening skills, critical thinking, creation care and theology. 


The courses are led by an experienced team of specialist practitioners and teachers in the fields of New Testament political theology, finance, mediation, health, decision making, land management, ecology, and communication. There are 16 places available for our September 2022 course.

Friendship is how Life Uni happens.

We know that Jesus set a high standard, and following Him isn't always easy. Being a part of a community is essential for growing in faith, and so the course is structured around 'doing life' together. We eat together, pray together, play, work and learn together.

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Life Uni is not just a teaching programme. Our team is made up of experienced life coaches and mentors who are passionate about encouraging everyone to reach their potential. We track with each member of Life Uni to help everyone process what they are learning.

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Following Well.

If you heard the voice of God, would you recognise it?  Does the idea of living a meaningful life of peace, wisdom, love and usefulness appeal to you? Becoming a good follower of Jesus means knowing His words and discerning His Way. 


Our core module, “Following Well” takes students through the Sermon on the Mount, line by line, with room to discuss, question and worship. We want Jesus' teachings to be at the core of everything we do, it's this core theme that all our other modules are centred around.

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Thinking and Acting Well

Getting information has never been easier. Knowing how to discern that information has never been more difficult. Would you like to be able to navigate your way through hidden agendas, fake news, political propaganda and conspiracy theory with confidence? This module provides tools for how to think critically and act positively in a world which wants us to do neither. 

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Loving and Fighting Well


No one lives with others without conflict. Loving others well is a crucial life skill to have, but so is fighting well. This module provides tools for relationship building, having difficult conversations, mediation and conflict resolution.

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Spending and Saving Well

What is your relationship with money? How can you make an impact on the inequality in the world?  Can our spending habits help us love ourselves, our enemies and our neighbours? This module is designed to discuss practically how to steward money in a healthy way.

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Being and Thriving Well

People who thrive have a core sense of self, are happy in their existence and are living a life which integrates mind, soul and body. The module covers nutrition and food science, physical health, mental well-being and emotional intelligence.

Listening and Speaking Well

If you had to tell your story, would you know what to say? The module includes practical workshops on public speaking, running groups and making presentations. In addition, LifeUni teaches intelligent communication: individuals learn not only how to speak, but also how to listen dynamically and help others to think and communicate their best thoughts and to improve their decision making.

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Following Well


There are many facets to a life well lived. Life Uni teaches modules that orbit around our central theme of 'Following Well'. These life skills are designed to help young people apply the principles we learn from Jesus in the nitty gritty areas of life.

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Stewarding and Caring Well

Do you want to leave places better than you found them? How do we manage, build, grow and steward what we’ve got in life giving ways? We look at managing land well, using resources well and living without waste. The module includes a number of off-site visits and includes contributions by a number of local practitioners.

Field Trips.

Knowledge becomes experience through practice. Life Uni field trips are an integral part of the course, providing opportunities to volunteer with farms, food and community projects. From time to time Life Uni can open up further, optional, work placements.

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Interested in finding out more? Have a read through our full prospectus.

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