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You have what it takes.

Life Uni is the place where whole life discipleship happens. Our programmes integrate practical life skills with following the way of Jesus.

Godly Life.

We believe following Jesus is a 'whole life' pursuit. The example Jesus sets affects every area of life. The Way of Jesus is not just spiritual, it covers work, rest and play, including challenging things like having a difficult conversation or managing your money. It provides the meaning and purpose of everyday life.

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God is the source of all life, the vibrant, colourful and creative force behind all the goodness in the universe.

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We can be filled with the life of God. The same vibrant love and goodness can permeate every area of lives as we devote ourselves to Jesus' teaching and following His ways.

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The Way of Jesus is the way of love and goodness. People who follow His Way are transformed and guided into whole life discipleship.

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Sharing Strength.

Following Jesus is something you do in community. We believe it is important to acknowledge and celebrate each other's strength and expertise and to lean on our fellow travellers.

Life Uni is for young people who are hungry to learn. Our mission is to create a space where people with life experience and expertise can come alongside young people, giving them their knowledge and helping them to discover what it takes to live life well.

Our mission is to help people become Followers of the Way of Jesus. We create spaces where each individual can learn new life skills, put them into practice and discover they have what it takes to live and love well.

Become a LifeUni Associate.

Becoming a LifeUni Associate offers a tax efficient way to support our work and gives you access to LifeUni events and special content throughout the year.

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